21st Century Fox - Fox News Is Loosing Us

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Shepard Smith and the now Specialist with Ms. Williams missing Eric Boing are becoming more like programs we are sick of like CNN and the left bias.

We want a more refreshing positive point of view to the president Trump whom we elected. The negative bias is sickening and causing discention among us that is uncalled for. Every little thing is becoming a major issue by the left and should not be encouraged. Trump did not need this monumental responsibility.

He did it for this country and what is happening to us led by Soros and the left. Most Americans are fed up with Washington politics caring only for themselves. Their health plan is even being completely paid for by us. Trump has his hands full and doesn't need all this negative biasness adding to what he has already inherited from Obama and his lawlessness.

The corruption and underming of this presidency is treason. Soros and the left has an agenda which Trump threatens. Trump loves this country and its people and needs our support to get the America we want back. Fox better get their act together and respect the feelings of most viewers or they will be history.

When O'Reilly left so did the voice for Americans. Wake up Fox CNBC is outrating you now.

Product or Service Mentioned: 21st Century Fox Fox News Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Negative bias news.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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